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This website aims to serve as a portal for Basque literature, a showcase for a cultural area that is both dynamic and highly productive. Taking advantage of the resources added by cyberspace to Gutenberg's universe, the site aims to make not only texts but as much information as possible available to all, completely free of charge.  
BASQUE POETRY PORTAL: a window onto the world of Basque poetry
Texts translated into english, french, german, catalan and spanish

The following sections are written entirely in the Basque language
  Literature in translation  
This website contains a catalogue of authors
and works translated into basque

  Classic Collection  
The classic literature website: in addition to books, you will also find
ballads, songs, folk literature and old texts, among others

  Literary on-line bridge system  
A bridge to everything there is about writers on the net:
references, links, anniversaries, reviews, bibliographies, etc.

  Library of Verses and Poems  
Initiatives focusing on Julen Urkiza's «Euskal Bertso eta Olerkien
Bibliografia» (Bibliography of Basque Verses and Poems)
  Collection of Literary Journals  
29 journals and over 6,000 digitalised articles

  Review library  
Collection of reviews published
about modern Basque literature
  Literature blog & e-mails  
Blog and weekly updates of recent
literary publications and events

  Basque phrases on the net  
THE INTZA PROJECT: an opportunity to get
to know and work on a selection of Basque phrases
  Zaldi Ero with the writers  
This website contains an exhibition
of two hundred photographs, presented by Miel A. Elustondo


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